This Sexy Video Of Almost Topless Alessandra Ambrosio Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch Today On Repeat

Via Youtube / LOVE Magazine

In case you haven’t caught on yet, LOVE magazine has been releasing extremely hot videos of female celebrities in their version of an online advent calendar. It’s the same thing as a real advent calendar, except instead of getting a dinky little piece of chocolate you get a ridiculously hot topless Alessandra Ambrosio, who just happens to be today’s LOVE star.

Topless Alessandra Ambrosio isn’t the only woman to be part of LOVE magazine’s online advent calendar though. So far we’ve also had Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson and Emily Ratajkowski. Oh, and Kris Jenner…but that’s better left unmentioned.

Regardless, topless Alessandra Ambrosio is probably the best one yet. Don’t believe me? Check it out below:

[H/T LOVE Magazine]