Here’s A Video Of Sara Underwood Jumping And Bouncing Around In Lingerie If You’re Interested

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No date tonight? No parties to attend this fine evening? All alone? Don’t even worry about it for a second because I got you fam. Gorgeous Sara Underwood will instantly make your shitty Saturday night not so shitty.

You’ll be thinking of a different kind of “jack” after seeing this photo of the scintillating Sara with Jack Daniels in her nether regions.

Don’t like hard alcohol? How about some wine?

You’ve got your drink, now we need some live music. BAM!

Are you trying to stretch out your shirt because that’s how you stretch out your shirt.

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Cheeeeeeese 😁

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Why does the stunning Sara need such large arm holes in her shirt? No offense, but she doesn’t exactly have 24-inch pythons that require such a wide opening.

Gates to heaven.

Pretty in pink.

Sara seems like a sophisticated woman who understands the importance of a high thread count.

Holy sheet!

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Welcome home dear! #idmakeabombwifey 💍

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At this particular moment, I wish that Sara didn’t have elbows.

Now I loathe her forearms.

Now I loathe the cameraperson.

The camera is held the wrong way.

Ahhh… much, much better.

As promised, here is the tantalizing Sara Underwood jumping and bouncing to make everyone smile.

I think we could all use a shower right about now.

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