Wife Catches Husband In Bed With Mistress Then Furiously Kicks Her Out Of Home Naked And Crying (VIDEO)

Didn’t this gentleman ever hear the expression, “Don’t shit where you eat.” He brings his mistress into the home he shares with his wife. What a fucking rookie mistake. Of course, as soon as they get buck naked and start doing the nasty in comes the wifey. No bueno.

The furious wife catches her husband cheating and immediately kicks the 24-year-old sidechick out of the house, which is appropriately located in Bangkok. The mistress tries to leave with a blanket wrapped around her naked body, but the wife isn’t having it. The wife orders her to leave the home without the blanket and without putting her clothes on. The mistress is then crying in the hallway of this condo building completely naked. The husband meekly walks out into the hallway to toss clothes and bag to the still sobbing woman.

A real pro would have made lemonade with these terrifying lemons by trying to get a menage-a-trois out of this unfortunate situation. Sure it would have been tougher than selling ice to Eskimos, but you’re completely fucked in this situation and might as well lob a desperation Hail Mary.


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