I Can’t Stop Staring At This Woman With Giant ‘Deflated Whoopee Cushion’ Breasts After She Had A Botched Boob Job

Botched is one of those reality tv shows you hate to love – on one hand seeing the “before and after” photos is always fun, but on the other hand in order to talk about the show with your friends you have to admit that you watch it in the first place.

Conceding to your friends that you watch Botched may be embarrassing, but if you get them to sit down and watch an episode with you they’ll be hooked in no time. Maybe try showing them the episode featuring Melissa (above), who went for a consultation with Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow after her botched boob job left her with “deflated whoopee cushion” breasts. Upon visiting her plastic surgeon, Melissa told him that she wanted her boobs “bigger” and that she wanted the implants to be under the muscle. After waking up from surgery, however, she found that the surgeon had only achieved half of that equation – although her tits were bigger, the implants had been placed over the muscle, causing her skin to ripple and sag due to how large the implants were (700cc’s (aka the size of a small African country)).

Let’s hope the doctors were able to fix Melissa, because I can’t imagine that living with boobs like those is fun by any stretch of the imagination.