WWE Diva Eva Marie Dropped More Sexy Pics And A New Bikini Video That Are Pure Fire

Remember last week when we shared some of the hottest pics we’ve ever seen featuring WWE Diva Eva Marie? Yeah, that was a very good day.

Turns out that she was just getting started apparently because this week she’s been back at it again with more hot stuff. The hottest of which is this video she shared to Instagram yesterday. Get ready to have your mind blown to smithereens.

Eva Marie also shared that new photo you saw above and this one below of her in a bikini that is sure to make your blood pressure spike.

Oh, and she also shared this one too that is just stunningly sexy…

And just to top it off, Eva Marie dropped a couple of throwback pics from back in the days when we first discovered her and she wasn’t yet All-Red-Everything…

If you liked those I urge you to go check out the other pictures we shared here last week. They’ll truly make your day.

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