12 Reasons Why Sexy WWE Diva Lana Posing For ‘Maxim’ Is A Thoroughly Excellent Idea

The “Ravishing Russian” WWE Diva Lana took to Instagram overnight to tease the fact that she might be appearing in an upcoming edition of Maxim magazine.

For those of you who don’t watch WWE television shows Lana might still look a little bit familiar to you as she was once a part of the original legendary Florida State Cowgirls that Brent Musberger made famous back in the day.

Her real name is CJ Perry and before she became part of the Eastern Bloc of wrestling she was doing things like half-naked splits on TV and other assorted fun stuff.

But even if those things don’t jog your memory, I still have other 12 reasons that you might be interested in checking out as to why WWE Diva Lana posing for Maxim magazine would be a great idea if it actually happens.

1. She looks great in leather.

2. She knows how to work a sick pair of boots.

3. She’s very clean.

4. She looks pretty sweet in red.

5. She loves Christmas.

6. She’s in very good shape.

8. She loves Halloween.

9. She looks great in pinstripes.

10. She looks good in a bikini.

11. Real good in a bikini.

12. Did I mention she looks good in a bikini?

Let’s do this thing.