WWE Diva Rosa Mendes: ‘I Like Walking Around Naked’

rosa mendes naked

Rosa Mendes, Instagram

We already know that WWE Diva Rosa Mendes isn’t afraid to show a little skin after her butt-baring wardrobe malfunction on RAW Monday night, but thanks to a new interview we now know that she likes to be naked pretty much ALL of the time.

In an interview with Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald Rosa talked about appearing on the new season of Total Divas and how she isn’t afraid to show a little skin. (But we already knew that, didn’t we?)

Mendes, who you might be surprised to learn is actually Canadian (a fact we discovered here), says being on Total Divas is a major move up in her career.

“It’s a really big deal. You get more opportunity. You get more matches. So getting the call was really a big surprise. I was literally screaming, crying and jumping for joy, when I was told I would be part of the cast.”

But the part you came here for, the IMPORTANT part, is this quote she dropped on us about being comfortable in her own skin…literally.

“When I’m in my apartment, I like walking around naked and in my hotel room,” Mendes said. “That was kind of weird having the cameras there. Well, this is how I really am. I think people were caught off guard by the fact that I was naked on TV. That’s just who I am.”

She also made the grave mistake of opening the door to random fans coming up to her and asking her out on a date.

“I’m not looking to date around or just have fun. I’m looking for the one.”

She lightheartedly said: “If you people see me, and think I’m right, feel free to come up to me. If you don’t mind cameras being around, we can go on a date.”

So there you go, boys. Rosa Mendes – Total Divas star, loves being naked, and is looking for Mr Right.

I think we just found our new favorite WWE Diva.

H/T Wrestling Inc.

Photo: Rosa Mendes, Instagram

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