Did WWE Diva Eva Marie Get A Boob Job? Let’s Examine The Evidence

Today in our continuing series, “Did Someone Get A Boob Job?” we take a look at “All Red Everything” WWE Diva Eva Marie, who, according to multiple reports is alleged to have had a little work done on her, uh, upper body.

Eva Marie, who is currently out with an injury and is a woman we know very well since we shared a sexy pictorial of her before she ever set foot in a WWE ring, caused a nerdgasm the other day with the photo you see above, which she posted to Twitter.

Of course Eva Marie wouldn’t be the first WWE Diva to get a boob job, far from it, but many “wrestling pundits” (hahaha) have speculated that her “injury” and time off are nothing more than an excuse for her to get some surgical enhancement done.

For comparison purposes, here are a few other recent photos of Eva Marie…

This one is from the cover of her calendar. Ample evidence to study…

Not much evidence of a change there.

Perhaps a change, but Eva was always been a rather buxom woman.

That one definitely shows that there could have some enhancement done recently.

So…did WWE Diva Eva Marie get a boob job or was it just the magic of a very happy camera angle? I think it’s inconclusive and we’ll just have to wait to see what she looks like when she returns to TV, but rest assured we’ll keep monitoring the situation for you until then.

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