450-pound man hides drugs in the last place anyone would think to check


A 450-pound Florida man was arrested last week after being pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.

The obese man explained to cops he was too big to wear a seat belt. The officer noticed both the driver and his passenger were “acting nervous” when being questioned during the traffic stop.

The deputy called for backup, including a drug sniffing dog, and that’s when things got uncomfortable for the portly gentleman.

A drug-detecting K-9 was brought to the scene. The deputy found cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana hidden underneath Mitchell’s stomach fat, a handgun, and more than $7,000 cash stuffed into a tube sock, according to sheriff’s reports.

Underneath stomach fat is an odd place to hide drugs. Luckily, the dogs didn’t find the emergency hoagies the accused keeps under his neck fat.

[via WFTV]