5-year-old spends entire day at wrong school — no one notices


Five-year-old Janeya Nevins was not on the right school bus or at the right school all day yesterday and somehow NO ONE NOTICED.

Janeya’s mom didn’t get a call when she didn’t show up for school and the staff at the school she hung out in, well, they must be flat out dumb because they got duped by a toddler.

When Janeya didn’t show up at the school she normally attends, her mom didn’t get a call home. According to WTEN, the school district says Janeya “misled” school staff members by pretending to be a new student.

“Do you go here?”
“WHELP! Good enough for us!”

The mom wasn’t completely faultless — she accidentally let her daughter get on the wrong bus because she recognized the substitute driver from another time she sent Janeya to school.

After the incident, the district says it’s looking at a plan to require students to carry photo IDs, require that all students have smarter parents and require all faculty to not take a 5-year-old’s word for it.

Bus takes 5-year-old to wrong school [WSOC TV]

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