5 lb. sushi bowl challenge on ‘Stuffed’

How much rice and raw seafood can you eat in five minutes? If you said anything less than five pounds, don’t bother stepping up to this challenge. Even some of Stuffed‘s amateur competitive eaters couldn’t cut the wasabi mustard. There’s more this great show than just eating, but if that’s all you want skip to 3:30.

Eating challenges exist at restaurants across the country, and the new show Stuffed pits four amateur competitive eaters against each other in those challenges for a chance to break a record at a live event and win $5,000 cash. It’s more than just eating. Like any good program, they make them do stupid shit to earn their bread. In this case, they have to convince strangers to give them $50. As someone who’s constantly pestered by people wanting to me to give them money for frivolous things like my rent, utilities, and motorcycle insurance, I know just how hard it is to get a stranger to fork over money.

This is the fourth episode of Stuffed. If you want to catch up, which you should, you can watch the first three here.