7 times Aaron Craft proved white men have a lot more to worry about than jumping

Aaron Craft hustles harder than any basketball player before him. He’s on the Mount Rushmore of hustle. Just look at all these times Craft played the game the right way, all these times Craft’s high motor and sneaky athleticism gave him an edge on the competition.

7. That time he almost killed a cheerleader with some great hustle


6. When Aaron Craft showed off his intangibles by throwing up an airball and sending OSU fans to the exits

5. That time he used his sneaky athleticism to call a timeout and didn’t have the ball

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4. When he used his deceptive speed to commit a lane violation, thus sending OSU home for year

3. When he used his high basketball IQ to teach us that “the hand is part of the ball”

2. That time he played the game the right way and argued a rare foul call


1. That time he got the most out of his abilities by dressing like a girl

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