What Aaron Harrison’s shot looked and sounded like from the stands

I was in the stands for Aaron Harrison’s last minute shot against Wisconsin. Here’s what went through my mind during the play.

*What is Kentucky doing? Why did they steal this offensive set from the Pistons?
This play kinda deserves Benny Hill theme music
Why hasn’t James Young or Julius Randle touched the ball
I wouldn’t shoot that if I were you
That’s just a bad shot
Congrats Wiscon….

I was seated behind Aaron Harrison at an angle. His shot looked off, very off. It appeared headed for the back of the rim, maybe even the backboard. I never stood up. I never moved. In fact, I’m not even sure I breathed.

It was like a scene out of a movie. Everything stood still. No sound. Nothing. Just the ball traveling through the air.

In my mind it took ages—in reality it took 2 or 3 seconds. And then, somehow, it found the bottom of the net.

The cheers from Kentucky faithful, the groans of Badger nation—I’ll never forget that sound, I’ll never forget that thrill of victory/agony of defeat combo.

I get so caught up in watching games on TV, so caught up in GIFing and screencapping and VINE-ing, that I forget what it’s like to be at a sporting event. I forget what it’s like to be an actual fan of the game.

I kinda miss it.