Angry neighbor notes, a sex submarine, Xenia Deli and more are winning the Internet today

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

You’re Not Dreaming, a Bacon Alarm Clock is Here!


Huffington Post

Greatest invention ever?
Bacon Alarm Clock Means Bacon Has Finally Conquered the Universe

Buy Batman’s Tumbler


The Gentlemen’s Garage

Bonus: it’s 100% street legal. Check it out.
Buy The Dark Knight’s Tumbler for $1 Million

Bacon & Entering?


Samantha Hoopes is Too Hot


SI Extra Mustard

Hoopes is the LeBron of this year’s SI Swimsuit rookie class.
SI Hot Clicks

Angry Neighbor Notes


The Chive

Passive-aggressive much?
Angry Neighbor Notes are Bitter but Often Essential (26 Photos)

7 Women You Meet on OK Cupid

Jordan Carver Gets Sudsy


Gorilla Mask

She really is the eighth wonder of the world.
Jordan Carver (NSFWish)

Wild Marvel Comics Trivia


Bro My God

Did you know Vader was inspired by Dr. Doom?
28 Fun Facts About Marvel Comics You Probably Didn’t Know

Xenia Deli in Bikinis & Lingerie



God Bless America. (And she’s not even American, but who cares?)
Model at Midnight: Xenia Deli

Poor Mom


Awkward Eli Manning


Fox Sports Buzzer

Like there’s any other kind of Eli Manning.
Eli Manning Singing with Better Than Ezra Will Make You Feel Awkward (Video)

Best Fart Foods


MTV Guy Code

This is important information.
Ranking Your Stank: What Foods Give You the Best Farts?

Best Shaq GIFs & Memes


Busted Coverage

Shaq was made for GIFs and memes.
Best Shaq GIFs & Memes For His 42nd Birthday

The Sex Submarine



Sex at altitude is so last year.
Join the ‘Mile Low Club’ in This Sexy Submarine Built For You Know What

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


SI Extra Mustard

Vintage Sexist Ads, Awkward Nightclub Photos, Sara Sampaio & More!