Automatic: An app that’s actually honest about your driving

One of the problems on the road is, well, all of us on the road. The human race sucks at driving, and we tend to remember the moments where we were good drivers and forget about all the little screw-ups and near-misses that nearly became massive problems.



Not Automatic, though. Automatic remembers everything.

Automatic is an app paired to a gadget that connects to your car’s diagnostic port. The two communicate wirelessly and the app collects data about your driving. It does useful stuff like tracking your overall gas mileage, which can help you diagnose car problems, and remembering where you parked so you’re not stuck in the lot. It also tells you why the Check Engine light has turned on, and if there’s a crash, will send a text to up to three numbers to let your family know.

It also tracks how hard you brake and how fast you accelerate. These both burn gas and demonstrate that maybe you’re not quite the master driver you think you are. Of course, this may not be a selling point for some of us, but hey, at least you’ll know how much your crappy driving is costing you.

Automatic [Official Site]