Here’s 7 Minutes Of People Bustin’ Ass, Because Apparently People Really Suck At Paddleboarding

The Battle of the Paddle 2014 wrapped up last week, but not before hundreds (maybe thousands) of people who are really bad at paddleboarding managed to hurt themselves and look stupid doing it.

So what if it’s not about looking cool out there? Maybe paddleboarding to them is about the exercise, the experience, whatever. What I know is this: for a massive competition like that there was an asinine amount of crappy paddleboarders all falling on top of each other. How nobody managed to slice an achilles with a fin is beyond me.

From the race site:

Our new Salt Creek Beach event location is a magnificent and incredible site to showcase the skills of the world’s greatest SUPers, as well as, offer a great venue for lovers and enthusiasts of all paddleboard sports. Its unique geography and powerful left hand point break wave creates a natural stadium arena for exciting paddleboard races starts, transitions and finishes. The ocean water quality and views offshore are simply amazing and offer beautiful California coastal landscapes against a pristine marine environment.

Paddlers should be ready for new and technically challenging courses through the surf at Salt Creek beach. Race safety is paramount and personal floatation devices (PFD) are required for all participants in the Distance Race and Kids Races. Depending on conditions, board leashes and helmets should be considered for everyone and are recommended for all races.

But here it is, seven glorious minutes of people making fools out of themselves:

And a few choice wipeouts in GIF:

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