Data Doesn’t Lie: These are the BEST burritos in America

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The geniuses over at FiveThirtyEight finally decided to put their immeasurable brain power towards something worthwhile: finding the best burrito in America.

Their study was borne from a familiar situation to many of us…We grow up with deliciously authentic Mexican food, enter adulthood and move away, come to find out that our new city has burritos that taste about as delicious as Satan’s butt hole.

So instead of taking the apathetic approach to life most of us do, the gents at FiveThirtyEight took a three step approach to finding the nation’s best burritos: (step 1) Data Mining, (step 2) Burrito Selection Committee, (step 3) Taste test.

And the results are pretty much what I’d expect to see: an overwhelmingly concentrated population of heavenly burritos in southern California…



So there you have it. If you want quality you know where to go. Now that I’ve breezed through their findings and given you the payoff of knowing which are the tastiest of the tasty, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you head on over to FiveThirtyEight and read the entire methodology and story by Nate Silver, because it’s scientific studies like that which give us all hope for a better life.


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