The best hockey fight ever has no punches thrown and a can of beer

In case you forgot to set your TiVo for the Federal Hockey League game between the Danville Dashers and the Dayton Demonz (Because substituting a “z” for an “s” makes things way cooler), then you missed out on one of the greatest hockey fights ever. But don’t fret because we have the epic confrontation right here for your enjoyment. Matt Puntureri of the Dashers (Not that cool because they use an actual letter “s”) and Jesse Felton of the Demonz dropped the gloves in the third period of Friday’s in what appeared to be a real fracas. However in this moment they exchanged beer instead of blows. The two bruisers hugged each other and then Puntureri pulled a beer out of his pads and to which he opened and took a hearty swig. I think the entire world could learn a valuable lesson that a hug and a beer can get a lot more accomplished than a fight.

Via Deadspin