If you’re renting a $180K ride for your birthday, don’t crash it into a building like this moron

If it’s your birthday, it’s totally fine to spend money on gifts like massages, hookers and rented expensive cars but just make sure you ask for the happy ending, wear a condom and don’t crash the damn car into a building.

A birthday joyride in a Lamborghini Gallardo ended with a crash through an empty surf shop in Australia. To add insult to stupidity, a large group of people in a nearby pub heard and saw the whole embarrassing ordeal.

One witness said: “It was coming up Cook Street and then ran up the curb. The driver must have slammed on the gas pedal because the engine roared like hell.”

Oh, right, they must have forgotten to explain GAS and BRAKE at the rental place. These new cars can be so damn tricky!

“It shot through the roundabout, ripped up three sign poles, passed between a tree and a lightpole and slammed right into the shopfront. It’s the biggest thing to happen in Flinders in about 25 years.”

The place a Lamborghini rental place and THIS is the best thing to happen?

Birthday joyride ends with crash of $180,000 Lamborghini Gallardo [Squander]

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