Boston Bruins’ Milan Lucic viciously slashes Danny DeKeyser in the nuts

During Game 1 of the NHL Playoffs between the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings scoring was hard to come by with no goals being scored in the first two periods. Each team was furiously trying to get an edge on the other and a testy Bruins forward Milan Lucic found a rather awful way to get an advantage. While Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser was skating up ice Lucic spotted a gap and went straight towards it. Unfortunately that gap was DeKeyeser’s taint. Lucic purposely and maliciously swung his stick and slashed DeKeyser right in the balls. You can actually see Lucic check to see that he wasn’t in view of the referees before he lands his devastating blow. Lucic actually got away with the slashing and it went unpenalized. I just pray that DeKeyser was wearing a cup. The Red Wings finally won the game with this spectacular goal by Pavel Datsyuk.

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