Brewers slugger Ryan Braun smashed teammate Jean Segura in the face with his bat


A baseball dugout is a narrow, compact area for the players to mentally prepare themselves for the game. The on-deck circle is the area for baseball players to physically prepare themselves for their next at-bat. Apparently Ryan Braun got these two things mixed up on Saturday. During the first inning of the Milwaukee Brewers game against the Chicago Cubs Braun was loosening up for his at-bat when he violently swung his bat and clocked teammate Jean Seguar square in the face. Thankfully Segura didn’t suffer a concussion or any fractures, but he was taken out of the game and sent to the locker room where he received stitches from a plastic surgeon to close up the laceration under his eye.

Surprisingly Braun actually admitted to the wrongdoing:

You never want to see something like that. It breaks your heart a little bit. Obviously, it’s never something done intentionally but whenever you’re involved in a situation like that it puts life in perspective … Thank God, from everything we’ve heard, he’s OK. It could have been a lot worse.”

Instant karma had a say in the situation when Braun left the game in the 7th inning from a right intercostal strain. However I’ll take the intercostal strain (whatever that is) over a Ryan Braun swing to the face 10 times out of 10.

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