The 1985 Bryan Cranston is the sexiest Bryan Cranston of them all

via Teen Talk / Flickr


A recently uncovered issue of Teen Talk from 1985 featuring Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has the internet all a-flutter. He’s so damn handsome!

For those unaware, long before he was patriarch Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, Cranston starred in the ABC soap opera Loving.
Speaking of loving, I’m loving Cranston’s foppish mop, his John Stockton boy shorts and the fact that the Teen Talk readers are getting advice from a soap opera star pushing thirty at the time.

Bryan Cranston: He’s a good sport! But let’s check back in about twenty years and see how he feels about these photos.

Bryan Cranston Was Featured In A 1985 Issue Of ‘Teen Talk’ And The Captions Are Glorious [Uproxx]