Can I beat two little kids in a March Madness bracket?

Me: A 34-year-old guy who watches several hundred hours of college basketball.
My opponents: My 19 and 21-month-old niece and nephew.

Me: A basketball savant, who knows X/O’s better than Tom Crean.
My opponents: Pooping savants, who dump on command.

Me: The master of the GIF.
My opponents: The masters of the shart.

They’re adorable kids by the way, I love them very much. But if I lose to two kids who can barely speak and spend their days sleeping, eating and shitting…wait, that’s what I do basically. Nevermind. I’m not losing to them. I better not. I mean, ugh, that would be the worst.

Anyway, here’s our brackets. We’ll keep you updated.

Final Four: Florida, Michigan St. Arizona, Louisville
Champ: Michigan St.

Final Four: Syracuse, UCONN, Creighton, Wichita St.
Champ: Wichita St.

Final Four: Dayton, North Carolina, Arizona, UMASS
Champ: UMASS