We Can All Learn Something From The Enthusiasm And Hype At This HS Rap Battle In England



If I could hire this entire school of British kids to do the reactions at my next rap battle, I would. Only issues? I’m not a rapper, and I don’t have enough money to fly in a school of brits to scream maniacally as I spit hot fire.

Now I know what you’re asking yourself: did that kid throw a crutch? And yes, yes he did. I’ve been instructed that it’s the British version of dropping the mic.

Initially I thought this video might be fabricated, but who the hell throws a crutch? Also, at 3:20…”I’m an expert at rapping, my bars are sick. As we learned from yesterday, (YESTERDAY) you’ve got a small dick.”

What in the actual shit went on yesterday in this high school?




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