CBS app serves up CBS shows, ads

In what’s likely a bid to keep from becoming totally irrelevant, CBS has rolled out a new app for iOS.


Let’s start with the content of this new CBS app: Daytime and late-night shows are available the next day, which is a pretty decent time frame. Primetime shows, however, are available eight days after air for streaming.

Obviously CBS wants you to actually watch the show, as it airs, with the ads. But don’t worry! If you use the app, you can still watch the ads!

Yes, as you may have guessed, CBS will be putting ads into shows. Currently they state that the number of ads are “limited,” although they don’t clarify what that means or what will happen when the ads are unlimited.

Honestly, having used it, it’s a decent streaming app but I can’t help but think it’s better suited to a Roku or a set-top box than on-the-go video watching. It works, and it works smoothly, but when it transitions to the ads it grinds a little. Honestly if I were a CBS fan I’d rather have the option to just pay them and cut the ads out altogether.

But, hey, if this works the other networks may follow suit, and then we might not need cable at all.

CBS [iTunes Store]