‘Cheese Curls of Instagram’ belongs in the goddamn Smithsonian

I have climbed to the summit of Mt. Internet and seen her beauty, and now I must share it with you: meet Cheese Curls of Instagram.


‘Cheese Curls of Instagram’ might be the single greatest cyber-phenomenon I’ve come across in 2014, no joke, this sh*t deserves to be in MoMA already.

In this age where everyone (myself included) just posts photos of food, pets, and where they went on vacation, it’s refreshing as hell to see someone step up to the plate and lampoon our #FoodGram obsession in a way that’s both artistic and engaging. I just can’t get enough, let’s look at some of my favorites….


Developing Cheese Curl

High Heels–U Fancy Huh?

Peter North’s Cheesiest Role

Australian Cowboy Riding a Bull

Monkey Throwing Feces

Man’s Execution

Sooooo yah, I know you’re completely hooked after that quick look at the greatest artistic feed on Instagram. Next step? We need to set up a petition to get this feed into MoMA or the Smithsonian ASAP. Who’s with me?


Whoever thinks Punk Rock is dead hasn’t seen this chick wailing on her dog

You can follow them on Instagram by clicking over HERE. And if you know of any weird feeds like this send them to me by following me on Twitter HERE.