Watch This Christian Bro Give Every Christian A Bad Name When He Loses His Shit At In-N-Out

by 5 years ago


Never in my life have I felt as slighted as this upstanding Christian when someone failed to thank me after I held the door for them, but my goodness does this tool have a public meltdown.

So they didn’t thank you for holding the door? Do you really think it’s a good idea to storm inside an In-N-Out and lose your shit? Screaming about your faith and Christianity, and how you deserve a free meal for being disrespected? No, no dude, no it’s not a good fu*cking time to air your shitty dirty laundry out for the entire world to see. How about you don’t take your miserable life out on the dudes working the fry-cook line at a fast-food restaurant?

Lock it up, lay off the meth, and get ahold of your life. Because your giving Christians everywhere a shitty reputation when you pull this crap in public, you complete failure and absolute tool:

The only thing missing from this meltdown is some upstanding stranger punching him square in the forehead and shutting him the hell up.


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