Surfing Filmed At 1000fps Positively Blow Your Mind (Video + HD GIFs)

The only thing better than a surfing video is one that’s shot in slow-motion HD, enter Australian cinematographer Chris Bryan.

He’s shot this stunning surfing footage at 1,000 frames-per-second, and I of course have then made several slow-mo HD GIFs for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve followed me here on BroBible at all you’ve probably recognized by now that the only thing I like more than slow-mo footage are slow-mo HD GIFs…combine that with this nearly orgasmic surfing footage and it appears that we’ve got ourselves a winner on our hands:

H/T to the RSVLTS for finding this video

And now for the slow-mo GIFs:

For more from Chris Bryan you can check out his site HERE.


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