These Bros Just Changed The Trick Shots Game Forever: Golf + Basketball = Next Level


YouTube/Legendary Shots

Why should trick shots and trick shot compilations be limited to only one sport? Why not combine nearly every sport in which trick shots are possible, and change the game forever?

Two powerhouses in the world of trick shots unite for this game-shaking video, Bryan Bros Golf and Legendary Shots, each squad with a unique skill set that’s undervalued when tested by only one sport.

Together they form the mutha fuckin’ Captain Planet of Trick Shots, and we all bear witness to one of the greatest crossover trick shot compilations ever conceived of. Consisting of golf, basketball, and a little football, the only thing this video’s missing is a solid contingent of beer pong (but we’ll let that slide). So enjoy the video, then scroll past for some of the best moments captured in GIF:

H/T to It’s Always Sunny In Detroit for posting this

And now for that sweet GIF action you weren’t waiting for, might not have wanted, but which I’m going to shove down your throat anyways because DAMMIT I LOVE ME SOME GIFS:


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