‘Chunky’ cheerleader Kelsey Williams defends herself: ‘I am a size 4’

You’re not chubby, you’re not chunky and you’re certainly not fat if you’re a size 4. That’s the message Kelsey Williams delivered yesterday in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America. Williams is an OKC Thunder cheerleader who was the subject of a nasty article from a CBS blogger.

The Rockets are facing the Oklahoma City Thunder during the first round of the NBA Playoffs. The Rockets looked terrible in Game 1, but some say they weren’t the only bad-looking people on the court. This pretty blonde has been criticized by some folks in OKC for having “pudginess” around her waistline.

That blogger has since been fired but Williams says the damage has already been done. She finally broke her silence on the issue.

Seriously, a size 4 people (take a look at this GIF of her). What a warped sense of what constitutes ‘overweight.’ Thankfully, Kelsey has an upbeat personality and isn’t letting one person’s feelings keep her down.