8 amazing Cinco de Mayo drinks you need to try (other than Margaritas)

It’s Cinco de Mayo and you’ve already had your fill of margaritas from every single time you’ve ever gone out for Mexican food. So why not try something else? Lucky for you there are loads of great beer and tequila-infused cocktails perfect for your yearly celebration of this distinctly no-one-cares-why-but-let’s-drink-anyway holiday. Let’s take a look.

8. Michelada

The Michelada is a refreshing beer cocktail made with your favorite Mexican brew (we suggest Sol or Tecate), fresh lime juice, a dash of hot sauce and/or Worchestire sauce, and a salt-rimmed glass. There are tons of variations, so feel free to experiment.

7. Tequila Furnace Shooter

Salt, heat, acid and liquor? Better save this one for later in the evening. Recipe here.

6. Chavela

Similar to the Michelada, but Chavelas can be used as a drink OR an appetizer. Grab your favorite Mexican beer, pour in a glass with some V8 or Clamato, season with hot sauce (we recommend Cholula or Tapatio), garnish with a lemon wedge, and serve in an ice-cold, salt-rimmed mug. Decking it out with crudité or shrimp is optional, but advised.

5. Tequila Tonic

This recipe kicks the regular two-ingredient list to another level with fresh herbs and crisp cucumber.

4. La Cucaracha

Whether you serve La Cucaracha as a shooter or a cocktail, the one-two tequila-kahlua punch is tempered by a splash of your choice of lemon-lime carbonated beverage – or just a wee bit more hooch. Do as you see fit, just don’t be surprised if you get tipsy enough to begin a rousing chorus of “La Cucaracha.”

3. Mexicola

Made with just coke, tequila and lime juice, the Mexicola is simple and refreshing. Serve in a chilled glass, and garnish with a slice of lime. Best with sweet, sugary Mexican Coca-Cola from the little glass bottle.

2. Tequila Slammer

Pour your tequila and lemon-lime soda into a shot glass. Cover with napkin, slam down and drink while foaming. This can also be done with a full-sized cocktail. Chug, chug, chug! Recipe here.

1. Lagerita

This fine beer cocktail incorporates the usuals – beer, tequila, lime juice – and adds another layer of flavor with just a smidgen of Cointreau, and optional salt and agave syrup.

Cinco de Mayo image by Shutterstock
Tequila Furnace Shooter image: Liquor
La Cucaracha image: BonVivant Online
Lagerita image: Cocktail Revolution