Couple stiffs taxi driver after using his cab for sex romp

by 4 years ago

This is a post about sex in an exotic place—the back of an Illinois cab. Because nothing says romance like a cab driver who hasn’t showered in a week and the musty smell of cigarette smoke and jizzed-leather seats.

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

Meet Andrew Vukovich and Stefanie Herringer, the couple who banged in the backseat of a taxi. They seem like the classiest of folks, obviously. But our power couple is broke as a joke, didn’t have money to pay the fare. Their performance simply wasn’t enough to sway the cab driver. So the cops were called and a police report filed.

Kokazeh noted that he “witnessed both Andrew and Stefanie perform intercourse in the back of the van,” and “simply wanted both of them out of the taxi, and the fare paid,” according to a police report.

Vukovich and Herringer, an officer reported, smelled of booze and “were producing incoherent sentences, attempting to gather clothing that was strewn throughout the taxi.” And neither of them “had a purse or wallet on their person.”

This story does have a happy ending. Our hero sucked it up and called his mom who paid the fare. I’m sure that conversation went well.

“Mom, had sex in the back of a cab, need you to come pay for it.”

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