Crafty Carton is the ideal disposable growler

At first glance I thought the Crafty Carton was a stupid idea. After seeing the video I’ve done a 180 and am fully on board with the concept. I hope these end up in every brewpub in America.

The only way to get some of my favorite beer in Chicago at home is buy filling up a growler at the pub. While that alone has vastly improved my drinking life, it requires both planning and effort. Not only do I have to clean the unconventional vessel, I also have to strategically plan my night. As you can probably guess, I often times end up there unexpectedly, and I rarely carry around 64-ounce chunk of glass. With a Crafty Carton I can take home Haymarket Brewery’s “Assailant Double I.P.A.” even if I wander into the pub at the end of an all day bender. No fuss; no muss.

I’ve never seen a grab-n-go store like the one in the video, but if 7-11 starts installing kegerators we’re all in trouble. Big Gulp IPA, huh? Welp, see ya later.

Crafty Carton – Beer In a Paper Container [MyBeerBuzz]