Dan Dakich eviscerates Ted Valentine. ‘He’s lucky he didn’t get punched’

Earlier today, referee Teddy Valentine got into it with Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin. The exchange was ugly as the two went face-to-face with TV Teddy as the clear instigator.

Video for those who haven’t seen it.

During the Illinois-MSU game, ESPN commentator Dan Dakich lit into Valentine for his “all eyes on me” attitude. Complete evisceration.

“Valentine’s lucky he didn’t get punched right there.”
“He’s not even close to a great official.”

Don’t usually side with Dakich on well, anything but he’s spot on here. Ted Valentine is a jackass, an absolute clown, a detriment to the game. He should have been canned years ago. He should be at the local YMCA handling rec games—instead he’s handling the creme de la creme of college basketball.


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