In defense of Matt Harvey’s middle finger

This morning, Mets pitch Matt Harvey tweeted out a photo marking the six-month anniversary of Tommy John surgery. In the picture, he is flipping off the camera. Some time later Harvey deleted his account. There was no reason given, just an outright deletion.

This is the pic in question.

Matt Harvey Tommy John

Does that pic offend you? Are you insulted? Does it hurt your feelings? If you answered yes to any of those questions, please do the following:

1) Find the nearest bridge
2) Jump off

The Mets made it worse by releasing a statement:

“We just felt the photo was inappropriate and we asked Matt to take it down.”

It’s a finger people, it’s not going anywhere, it’s not invading your space, it’s not going to sodomize you. It’s just a finger. See, here’s mine.

middle finger

This is a case of over-censorship. This is a case of people being weiners. I hate people.