Check out these candid photos of Disney characters on their day off



Working at Disney is an amazing experience but it is still a job.

From the street sweepers in the Magic Kingdom to the executives in the offices, Disney is still a business and with business comes stress and pressure.

There is point where every Disney employee takes a day off — to let off some steam. Even the most beloved characters like Goofy, Snow White and Mickey himself need to cut loose. But what do they do on their day off?

Check out these Disney characters enjoying a nice day off.

Bambi got a little to close to highway last time


Snow White lives with eight guys. She’s allowed to let off a little steam


Sheriff Woody still spends his day off among children. Here he is living up to his name


Daisy likes to kick back, marathon watch some TV, and enjoy some snacks


Jessica Rabbit is into Indiana Jones cosplay


Peter Pan does what young boys are apt to do


Mickey Mouse likes to hang out with old college buddies. What a bunch of jokers!


Goofy is perfecting the selfie


Minnie Mouse makes extra money working as a nanny


Scar runs errands. Disney stars — they are just like us!


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