Don’t wait ’til Sunday; celebrate Dos de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo week is finally here. You don’t have to wait until Sunday, though. The Most Interesting Man in the World is starting the party on Thursday, Dos de Mayo.

For all his extraordinary qualities, TMIMITW is still a man of the people. He knows that Sunday isn’t a great day to begin the fiesta because we all start a new work week the next day. Talk about wasting a holiday. That’s why he’s created Dos de Mayo. Thursday is internationally recognized as the start of the weekend anyway, so why not make it official? Head to the bar or throw a party so awesome that even TMIMITW’s thirst would be sated for a night. If you need food or cocktail recipe tips, he’s offering up some of his finest. What’s the point of building a wealth of knowledge from adventures if not to share it? I’ll definitely making Dos-aritas for Dos de Mayo.