Dos is the new black: how to get the most out of Cinco de Mayo weekend

I don’t know you, but since I’ve come of ‘drinking age’ Cinco de Mayo has always been the unofficial kickoff of the Summer. It’s the first major communal fiesta in which we all get together and drink for the sake of drinking. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row Cinco de Mayo falls on a miserable day for celebration (Monday).

So what do we do? Do we celebrate the weekend before? Do we push it back to the following Friday? Do we just turn it into an all out rager until Labor Day? Well, The Most Interesting Man In The World & the folks over at Dos Equis thought ahead and have branded Friday, Dos de Mayo, as the official dia de la fiesta. So, let it be known that this year our Drinko de Mayo celebrations kick off on Dos de Mayo.

Also, in order to get us all prepped for the big day Dos Equis has put together a special ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ commercial that can be seen above. In addition to that they’ve also put together this infographic below for those of you who still might not understand when/why/where we’re celebrating Dos de Mayo this year.

Dos de Mayo Infographic

As mentioned in the infographic, Dos Equis will be throwing a huge party for Dos de Mayo out in Los Angeles. Fans 21 and older can enter HERE to win an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles where they’ll check out a live performance from a kick ass musical guest.