Drunk Dude Rides A Sheep, Takes Brutal Shot To The Nuts For His Crimes Against The Animal Kingdom

I’m sure that riding that sheep when you’re hammered started off like a good idea, but when that thing backed up and rammed you in the nuts it didn’t seem so smart of an idea, did it?

H/T Smitty @ BarstoolSports Philly

Hopefully he was drunk enough to dull the pain a little? Mostly I’m impressed that there are still people in the world that get drunk out of glass quarts/40’s. I haven’t played Edward 40 Hands since the day I discovered Wizard Staffs, and it’s nice to know that there are people out there still drinking out of comically large glass bottles.

But damn bro, that was one helluva shot to the junk. That said, you got what you deserved. Don’t fuck with animals while you’re drunk, it’s not cool at all. You know what is cool though? Sheep hitting dudes in the balls for pissing them off, that is what’s cool. Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage one more time in GIF, shall we?

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