Drunk guy tries to kick pigeon, falls on train tracks

A drunken Scotsman tries to kick a pigeon, a man continuously tumbles down the escalator, and a guy tries to lean against a train only to falls underneath. These are the life and times Britain’s Network Rail. I’m not one to judge drunk people because I’ve been wasted enough to do all of these things, but the friend who just walked away when pigeon kicker fell on the tracks should be ashamed. How are you just going to leave your boy like that?

This video of 3 drunk accidents at the train station was released by Network Rail, the operators of Britain’s rail infrastructure. It’s a warning that just because you managed to avoid drinking and driving doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet. For you, because I’m sure you would never get fall-down drunk, it’s just an entertaining video.

via TheDrinksBusiness

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