‘Entourage’ movie is a go



If it doesn’t end with Vince committing suicide I’m going to be very disappointed. I can’t think of a TV show that squandered its potential quite as much as Entourage. What started out as an incisive look into the freeloading world of Hollywood quickly turned into a bro wish fulfillment fantasy that got steadily less fun. By the show’s final season, I didn’t give a rat’s ass about any of the characters and couldn’t wait for it to be cancelled.

Well, the boys are back in town. Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers has picked up the long-rumored Entourage movie. Show creator Doug Ellin is attached to direct, and the storyline takes place six months after the series finale. If you blocked it out: Ari retired only to be offered a job heading up a movie studio, Vince got married to the Vanity Fair writer in Paris, Turtle is a multi-millionaire and Johnny’s Bananas… oh, Christ, don’t make me talk about Johnny’s Bananas. So business as usual, basically.

I’m not sure what Doug Ellin is going to do to make a watchable movie out of this material. A movie needs a little more to it than a TV episode does, and the world of Entourage is just so fluffy. Even when Vince was addicted to pills or whatever the show was impossible to take seriously. And celebrity cameos (which Entourage got a lot of mileage out of) don’t have the same impact when you’re paying to see them in the theater.

I think we can all agree that Entourage jumped the shark somewhere around the fourth season with the endless Medellin storyline and the rise of the “Turtle and/or Drama do something stupid and wacky” subplot every episode. But it’s not like any of the actors from this show has done any work at all since it when off the air, so it’ll at least keep them busy, I guess. What do you think? Will you see the Entourage movie?