Sports memes, screencaps and GIFs of the week

Coach K mocked


Did you miss any highlights this week? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some of the best and worst in the sports world.

20 Mickael Pietrus videobomb

19 Tyreke Evans no-look pass

18 The mother of all mugshots

Desmond Bryant mugshot

17 Badass badminton shot

16 Jayson Werth’s Chia beard

Jayson Werth Chia Beard


15 John Harbaugh unimpressed with Manti Te’o

14 This is McKayla’s impressed face

McKayla Maroney impressed


13 The airball buzzer beater

12 This is what a devastated billionaire looks like

11 Jacoby Jones joins Dancing with the Stars

10 Best catch of the week of the year

9 Pavel is the incredible Burt Wonderstone

8 The next Michelle Jenneke

7 Best hockey check ever?

(via Kotaku)

6 Erin Andrews and 50 Cent awkward kiss

5 Kid’s first ski jump doesn’t go very well

4 Wise words from Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson


3 This is soccer porn

(via The Big Lead
2 I’m coming for you Lennay
Manti Te'o

(NFL/Guyism Composite)

1 LeBron’s pregame dunk > dunk contest