Exclusive new images from ‘Parker’ starring Jason Statham

Exclusive as in nobody else has them except us. Now this is how you cast a legendary badass. Fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels were all pissed off when shrimpy Tom Cruise was cast as the hulking drifter. But nobody’s complaining about Jason Statham as Parker. He’s a perfect fit for the cold, calculating master thief who’s always a step ahead of the competition, and hopefully Parker will be the first installment of a healthy franchise. It’s coming from FilmDistrict, the studio that gave us Drive, and tells a twisted tale of Parker getting betrayed by a partner (The Shield‘s Michael Chiklis) and left for dead, only to embark on a vengeance-fueled revenge spree with the help of a real estate agent played by Jennifer Lopez (who still looks damn fine). Pretty hyped for this one, all things considered. Parker opens January 25th.