Facebook adding a ‘buy tickets’ button

One of the problems with coordinating meeting friends at a show is the fact that, ticket sales being what they are, it’s difficult to get seats close together unless you’re paying bribe money or the show is general admission with no seating. Also, you may not learn about it until it’s way too late.

Conference Basics

Facebook is testing a way to cut down on ticket buying times, though, so you and your friends can make a show as a group.

The change is fairly cosmetic while being pretty clever at the same time. Right now, if you buy tickets to a show and post about it via the ticket seller on Facebook, it puts a link on your Wall, your friends see it, they click, it takes them to the ticket seller’s site.

Facebook wants to streamline that process by putting a “Buy Tickets” button on the post. Click it and you go straight to the site.

It’s a small, but effective, change, and it’ll make event tickets and the like much easier to get. Also, it means less clicking through windows on ticket sites, which is only a good thing.

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