What’s the most popular medical procedure in Brooklyn? Facial hair transplants

by 4 years ago
Full Beard via Shutterstock

Full Beard via Shutterstock


Just when you thought the hipster look was going awa…NOPE!

It’s alive and well in the New York borough of Brooklyn. Men are still so enamored with the look that they’re willing to pay $7,000 for facial hair transplants. That’s like one month’s rent?!?!

Brooklyn’s hipster beard craze has grown so popular, that men in New York are rushing to plastic surgeons for “facial hair transplants” — surgery that helps make beards look thicker and less patchy, sources said. Stubble-challenged guys are forking over up to $7,000 for the beard-boosting procedure, which has spiked in popularity in recent months, the neighborhood Web site DNAinfo.com reports

There is a website called DNAInfo? Can they run a report on my socks to see how many kids I’ve…nevermind.

To be fair, it’s not just hipsters getting hair pulled from other parts of their body and plugged into their dome. According to the NY Post piece, other patients include “men who have struggled since adolescence to grow a beard, female-to-mail transgender people and Hasidic Jews.”

You know who I feel bad for? Dudes who just want to grow a beard. The hipster’s fascination with follicles has ruined the scruffy look for men who just hate shaving.

That’s it. I’m starting a new trend — clean shaven face with only neck hair. You can’t take that away from me, hipsters!


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