Here’s what ‘Forrest Gump’ would look like if it were a Wes Anderson movie

Wes Anderson movies are predictably predictable. At least the look of a Wes Anderson flick is predictable.

The plots change, the characters mirror characters from other Wes Anderson movies, and there is always little kids in uniforms and it’s easy to mix up one flick with the other. It’s the one with Bill Murray. No, the other one. It’s got the kids in it. And the guy from Summer of Sam.

Personally, I like Wes Anderson’s movies. I’m not sure which I like because they’re all so similar.

Anyway, this video gives Forrest Gump the Anderson treatment and supposes what the classic Tom Hanks flick would look like through Wes’ lens.

Someone Did The Opening Titles Of Forrest Gump In The Style Of Wes Anderson And It’s Kind of Genius [Uproxx]