Which Is The Funniest Crash In Motorsports? ATVs or Dirt Bikes (Let’s Discuss)

There can be only one ‘funniest crash in motorsports,’ so which is it? Is it ATVs or is it dirt bikes that lead to the funniest wipeouts?

ATVs are clunky, and if you get them up to speed and try to take any sort of a turn that centrifugal force is going to ruin your life, and with dirt bikes people tend to push themselves too far (jumping over canyons and crap like that). Often when these EXTREME SPORTS bros wipeout it’s hilarious, but which is funnier?

Here we have a supercut of the best wipeouts from both, and I’m leaving it up to you to decide which (in general) is more hilarious to crash on, an ATV or a dirt bike:

via FAILArmy & @JukinVideo

A little more in-depth analysis in GIF:

So, if you had to watch one of them crash all day which one would it be? Answers down below in the comments or over on Facebook!

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