10 of the funniest guest stars on TV shows


There are few genuinely better ways to make a TV episode exciting than to have hilarious guest stars enter the fray. Here are some of the funniest guest stars ever to grace television. Who are some of your favorites?

10 Will Ferrell – ‘The Office’

Will Ferrell made this awesome guest appearance over the course of a four episode story arc, making us laugh, cry (maybe not really) and shake our heads in disbelief as he displayed his incompetence over and over culminating in his untimely (brain) demise and disappearing from the show as quickly as he appeared on it.

9 Sinbad – ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

For those of us who missed Sinbad appearing in film and releasing hilarious stand up sets on VHS, his small role in the bizarre “Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life” in which he played himself at a rehab center was as funny as it was reflective on his past glory.

8 Chris Parnell – ’30 Rock’

Every time Chris Parnell walked onto a scene on 30 Rock, we knew there would be at least one great laugh. Dr. Spaceman (pronounced spah-che-man, duh) will go down as one of the most hilarious television doctors of all time, alongside the likes of Dr. Hibbert and Dr. Perry Cox.

7 Brendan Frasier – ‘Scrubs’

Brendan Frasier did a great job in a rather dramatic turn as Ben Sullivan over the course of a few episodes during Scrubs’ formative years. His first appearance was in an episode titled “My Screw Up,” which happens to be the highest-rated episode of Scrubs on both TV.com and IMDb.

6 Patton Oswalt – ‘Parks and Recreation’

Patton Oswalt has done loads of great TV work over the years with credits on Seinfeld, Reno 911! and Community to name a few, but his turn as Garth Blundon in Parks and Recreation is possibly his best. Check out this extended outtake from a recent episode that shows Patton executing one of the most insane ad-libs ever caught on film.

5 Billy Crystal & Robin Williams – ‘Friends’

They weren’t lengthy or particularly involved roles, but just the fact that this duo were in the building at the same time the scene was being shot made it possible for an improvised drop-in with some major comedic star power.

4 Henry Winkler – ‘Arrested Development’

It’s simple: Fonz Sr. always commands a scene as the absent-minded and always hilarious family attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn. Also, honorable mention has to go to Bob Loblaw and about 100 other incredible Arrested Development guest stars.

3 Gina Gershon – ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

The gorgeous Gina Gershon was equal parts funny, sexy and creepy as the Hasidic dry cleaner on Curb Your Enthusiasm, flirting with Larry and tackling such crucial topics as the Orthodox bed sheet misconception.

2 Patrick Warburton – ‘Seinfeld’

This character only appeared in 11 episodes, but his impact was undeniable; Patrick Warburton’s deadpan delivery made Puddy one of the absolute best recurring characters in all of television history.

1 Every Guest Star on – ‘Entourage’

From Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson to James Cameron, Seth Green and Matt Damon, Entourage’s inherent yet unintended ridiculousness was consistently injected with equal doses of ‘funny’ and ‘cool’ from its numerous self-playing guest stars.