My New Favorite Instagram Account Is @thatlookslikeadick, Which Finds The Hidden Penises In Everyday Life

by 3 years ago

Every now and then we here at BroBible like to deviate from the beaten path and share some Instagram accounts with you that aren’t just T&A. Sure, we love us some Jen Selter Instagram, but we also appreciate a genuinely hilarious account when we see it. While @thatlookslikeadick has been around for quite some time (over 500 posts and nearly 300K followers) it wasn’t until recently my buddy tagged me in one of their pics that I discovered the glory that is @thatlookslikeadick. I know that many of you bros probably already know about this IG account, but just as many of you don’t yet, so for those of you that have seen this before you can feel free to share this with your bros who haven’t.

Sure, some of you bros reading this might not find this funny. You might think you’re above laughing at a social media account that tracks the hidden and mundane penises hidden in everyday life, that you prefer highbrow humor and this is just a bit too sophomoric for you. Well, if you don’t find this funny then I’m here to tell you that you’re boring as f*ck, and that everyone around you knows you’re boring as f*ck, and that your life would be vastly improved if you learned to laugh more.

Without jacking all the pics on the @thatlookslikeadick Instagram feed, I wanted to share a few with you here today. So without further ado, here’s the very best of @thatlookslikeadick:

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