Instagram Account Is Sharing Things That Look Like Vaginas And, Man, Lots Of Things In The World Look Like Vaginas

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Did you know that if you look at things in the right light, almost anything can look like something you can stick you dick in?

It’s true. Cups of Greek yogurt, a plush towel, Speaker of the House John Boehner all look like vaginas.

Now, an Instagram account called @look_at_this_pusssy is sharing all the beautiful things in the world that look like pussies and, man, so many things look like pussies.

Look at this thing that looks like a pussy! It’s a shirt pocket, but I wouldn’t not stick my dick in it!

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This pussy is a progressive male pussy wanting to do right by female counterpart. Bend ur brain 4 a couple secs and consider males (cis-penip males & otherwise): Pussy making some progress these days (s/0) but with advancement of pussy female/ female gender comes inevitable crisis of masculinity leading to many Q's for males including but not limited to: Am I creepy? Am I the patriarchy (I don't think so bc i try to be Nice guy but perhaps I doth protest too much or some shit?)? Am I useful? Here's the deal, males, if I may be so bold (I may be bc I can do wtvr tf I want duh): The pussy empathize w the struggle to be Correct and Nice male. We do not hate u bc we love ourselves. If u are Nice guy and treat pussy female with Consideration, this is much appreciated and the best way. TY 4 have awareness. Corrective action probably most potent on a 1- 1 level; systemic change happens gradually between individual Humans in relationships so act like a fuckng Human and listen to the ideas of other Humans. V simple. A kiss! to u and ur kin. @mgilmore1112

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This blazer and ascot combination looks like something my penis could fit nicely into!

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Jaunty af literally all day @cjkut

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What about this delicious apple? Cock-worthy? You betcha!

And a burrito. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I would get it ON with a burrito.

Jokes aside, though, this account wasn’t made for us dudes to fantasize about sticking our dicks in even more than the already three billion vaginas that exist in the world.

No, it’s to try and take some of the rampant sexualization away from vags, which is … oopsies, exactly what I was doing up there. From an interview Kate Hakala with Mic. had with the creators.

“Normalization is absolutely a focus,” [founder Chelsea Jones said]. “The female body is fetishized beyond any kind of reality. By choosing yonic objects, it’s a way to seize representation, take back what’s ours.”

Don’t worry, though! I had to look up yonic, too. It means, “In the shape of a vulva or a vagina.”

Cool. What they’re saying is basically that us gents are horny fucks, and we should maybe look beyond sex sometimes, because it’s, you know, detrimental to trying to create a modern, fair, equal society.

So, let’s look at some more of these “yonic” figures, this time without contemplating rubbing our cocks against them.

I wish there were more peas in this pea pod.

Figs are nice.

Quality wood floors add value to homes.

See, not hard at all. And remember, Bros. Your dick doesn’t belong everywhere!